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A Generational Impact

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A legacy in view.

I recently returned from the funeral of a dear friend’s father. With so many memories imprinted on me by this family, it was one of those moments filled with sadness, joy, and most of all, reflection. He left a legacy for his family in character and faith, and also in material things, but not in the way of vanity or entitlement. He worked hard to provide a ‘place’ for them—simple, relaxed—a place of respite, to gather, laugh, play, and build a vault of memories. It's their lake house—their legacy property!

This concept of an intentional place where families are nurtured and then tended generation after generation reminds me of this poignant quote on legacy by the late Reverend Billy Graham, simply stated, “The greatest legacy one can pass onto one’s children and grandchildren is not money or material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.” Certainly a separate home from one’s primary home is not needed to create such a place of sacred memories, but there is something almost transcendent about a space to gather that doesn’t necessitate daily chores, or tight schedules, but rather facilitates unplugging and presence. A place where fun and play naturally unfold, appreciation of each other grows, and relationships are first and foremost.


Start Right Where You Are

Starting right where we are!

Now, more than ever, many of our souls likely yearn for these experiences. I certainly want this too. Don’t you?! I’ve found that the true concept of a ‘legacy property’ comes in many forms, with deep roots and family history, and as I once read, “Where human relationships are established over multiple generations of ownership.” You see, legacy properties generally start right where you are!

Maybe it’s a grandparents’ home like mine, with memories of cousins getting lost in an algae-filled pond for hours on end, and where my grandfather taught me how to clean a fish. Or my parents’ home–which is now a grandparents’ home–where the newest generation of cousins gather to ride ATV’s and make treehouses, while grandma and grandpa cook their favorite meals and fill their “magic cups” with cheese balls and fruit snacks (to the chagrin of their parents.) Maybe it’s not your second home, but a vacation spot that’s simply special for you and your people, and you choose to build a legacy there.

Whatever the experiences are, or you dream them to be, the legacy starts with you, and becomes the fuel for this alluring goal of a home away from home.

How Do You Get There?

So is there a way for you—and for me—to attain a magical place ourselves for future generations when groceries alone are as much as our current mortgages? Maybe not, but what if…maybe? Maybe with sacrifice, intentional strategy, and the right real estate advisor, it’s possible! There are a number of paths to consider; purchasing the property with others and/or leveraging the property to pay for itself by using it as a short-term rental for a period of time. We utilized both of these strategies for securing a lake property in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. We filled our memory banks full and saw a successful return on our investment a few years later! Our sights are now set on wide open land with mountains and streams, a quaint A-frame, and a waterfall! Anyone? Time moves so quickly, and what you don’t dream about, or at least investigate, will for sure not happen. No matter the path, or even if there is not a clear path right now, creating a legacy through character, faith, and traditions at home inspires the goal and plants the seed for your ‘legacy property.’ Starting right where you are is how you will get there!

What legacy property are you dreaming about? Let’s have a conversation! We can get you on your way to your legacy property together! 

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