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A New Point of View

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A fantastic point of view.

For years, our Friday night ritual has been pizza and a movie (usually Disney). Recently, though, these nights have felt more sacred. Protected in a way. Maybe it’s the combination of the heaviness of the pandemic, winter hibernation, and Punxsutawny not seeing his shadow, yet again—but I am finding myself connecting to these Disney films differently. Last Friday we watched the new(ish) Aladdin and these words, which I’ve heard many times, caught my attention in a new way:

“A whole new world; a fantastic point of view. No one to tell us ‘no’, or ‘where to go’, or say we’re only dreaming”.

I think the hope of the clouds clearing from this pandemic and the ever so slight signs of emerging Spring remind us of new horizons, don’t they? A new wave of dreaming wafts up like smoke from a freshly lit candle. Subtle, but growing. Giving us the freedom to move, and shift again.



Room to Roam

“A fantastic point of view” is literally presenting itself as my clients are shifting from desiring a specific neighborhood or type of house, to yearning (which I believe has always been there but has not seemed possible because of being tied to geographic locations for jobs) for land, privacy, space.

Highland cows anyone?

They are realizing they want a major lifestyle change...and it all seems plausible now that they may never go back to an office. Maybe, just maybe, they can enjoy this whole homeschooling thing. It’s a lifestyle they are chasing.

Deep down, I think there’s a primal desire to stake a claim on land. To own a piece of the Earth that we call ours. Some may truly want a homestead. Others an urban hobby farm, or an expansive penthouse loft. Each of us has specific ideas on how we want our life to flow and space that provides the rhythm we enjoy.

Your Vision

So, I pose the question—what is the lifestyle you deeply desire? What’s your vision for family traditions? Where do you see your people? I imagine for most of you, you’re seeing the lifestyle first. The space. The land. The gatherings. And the details that make those gatherings yours.

That’s what I love about what I do. It’s about seeing your vision, helping you invest wisely, so you can live beautifully!

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