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I’m not exactly sure how we got this lucky, but I know a combination of vision, determination, and faith had a lot to do with it!  Aal Together Now Farm is our sanctuary, our inspiration, our reason for Aal Things Aal.


I knew my ‘why’ when I decided to leave my law career behind and pursue real estate and design. Living my loves and leaving a legacy for my children were paramount. After careful steps in real estate investing, we landed here, and Aal Together Now Farm was born.


We work and play together with ceaseless curiosity. We watch and learn as our flowers reveal their beauty and our bees display their honey.


Our love of hospitality grows as we welcome friends to experience the days and gather around our table in the evenings, with a backdrop of the rocky mountains and a taste of homegrown produce on our plates. 



With Pickles (our adorable donkey) as the official mascot, and wonder as our directive, Aal Together Now Farm continues to seed a love for connecting the business of investing with a lifestyle that moves us.

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