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For more than ten years, I’ve been guiding clients in the Greater Denver Area along their own path to real estate success. My clients trust my strategic approach to investing and my artistic eye for design, which result in exceptional living and equitable value.


I’m Logan. I’m a mom first to three spunky kiddos, which at the present time looks much like a Kid Frat House Manager. I’m married to an adventurous man who makes certain we keep the craziness of everyday life well balanced with spontaneity and a sense of humor! I’m rooted in my passion for creating a lifestyle that celebrates who we are and captures the moments as we live them.

I grew up in southern Ohio, a creative kid with a relentless sense of curiosity. Indoors, I had an early love for art and design. Outdoors, I had the woods and horseback riding to fuel my imagination. Our home was centered around gatherings with family and friends, and the importance of hospitality was emphasized with our neighbors and community. Our lives were equally patterned by the example of hard work and entrepreneurship. Those experiences cultivated my two loves—history-rich homes swelled with generational stories, and telling those stories through design.

It was a shared vision for our lives and a deep entrepreneurial spirit that prompted my career in real estate and design. In 2012,  Jonathan and I moved to Colorado in pursuit of mountainous horizons. We used our first investment to re-invest, and with strategic steps, we landed where we are today, at Aal Together Now Farm.


It’s our sacred space—full of personal style—where we’re creating lasting memories, one day at a time.  I love nothing more than seeing my clients do the same. 



Logan Aal Real Estate | Design is an extension of my own personal story. It’s a venture fueled by a love of family and adventure, and grounded in experience and skill. In short, I turn real estate investments into dream living. 

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