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Just Enough Funky

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Belly up to the bar.

We all have that one friend who just makes life a bit more fun. You know, the friend that keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. Let’s call her Jackie. Jackie is the one who leans over and adds a little vodka to your hot chocolate at your kids’ hockey games. Or convinces you to go to a hippy commune for dinner (which ends up being one of the most fun nights of your life). She can find the funny in about any bad circumstance. Jackie isn’t the friend who wears weird hats and paints her house bright yellow. That’s Susie. Susie is fun too, but Jackie is more under-the-radar-fun.

Jackie's home is always cozy and inviting, but also intriguing and mysterious. It’s just-enough-funky. It’s entirely put together, and her style is magazine worthy. It’s the perfect playdate house for all the kids (but of course–who doesn’t want to jump on a legit slide down to the basement?); and equally enchanting for an adult night out.


Just Shy of Envious

Perfectly unexpected.

Here’s the secret. She didn’t necessarily try to design her house this way. She was just brave enough to uncover her style, and commit to it. It’s the style that has you leaning over the island as you wait to see what coffee cup you will get when she opens the cupboard to a mug collection that resembles a Picasso. And when you step into the powder bath, you linger a few seconds just to admire the eloquent, but perfectly unexpected wallpaper. And on the way out, you realize the hand towel you just used is resting on a very smartly dressed brass rabbit?

Yep. Jackie’s home is just one notch to the right, and you’re just shy of envious.

Designing For Living

We are about to embark on a major renovation at Aal Together Now Farm; and as I am becoming my own client, ‘Jackie’s’ playfulness is what I’m drawn to. This season of a pandemic gave us gifts as a family. I’m finding gratitude in the time we have had to play together, create together, and build together. It has not been without its stresses, but now, more than ever–along with my clients–I’m designing for living. We see the spaces so much more clearly. What they are there for. The just-enough-funky to put a permanent stamp in our children’s minds, and on our friends’ hearts, of what it was like to live, and play, at the Aal’s house.

Let me know how I can help you find your one notch to the right!


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