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Instincts Run Deep

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His name was Seaman. He was loyal, brave, and aptly named for his superior swimming skills. A massive Newfoundland who accompanied Lewis & Clark as they set off on their westward expedition. He was most likely chosen for his intimidating size, his born nature to hunt and protect, his webbed feet and double coat to survive the elements, and his deep instinct to rescue his people, should they succumb to the dangers that lie ahead.

Fast forward hundreds of years—and to my point. Coincidentally, or not (which is the actual point), our 3-month old Newfoundland tried to “rescue” me from our hot tub over the weekend. I was trying to relax, and after pacing and barking nervously, she aggressively took my arm in her gums—instinctually not using her teeth so as not to harm me—and tried pulling me out of the hot tub to safety.


What We Were Born To Do

A born rescuer

It struck me that Georgie Porgie (the name that has evolved from Georgia due to her belly that seems to grow larger by the day) was doing nothing more than using her God-given gifts—her body, her tools, her calling, to do what she was born to do.

Funny how that small incident brought on big thoughts for me, my children, and even my friends. Each of us are made with a distinct set of gifts, which are usually reflected in our desires, those sustaining interests and loves, that are there from birth. They make our heart beat just a little faster, and we feel compelled to “do something” to feed what’s in our souls.

Beckham has such an instinct to build. Anything he can create or fix with something from a toolbelt, he is there. Emmett has an innate desire to move, and dance, which seems like all the time! She moves through life in rhythm. And Sloan, with her ‘pretty things’. Not just for her, but for others. She will go to great lengths to create the perfect place setting, with fresh flowers, napkins, place cards, and proceed to take your order. My wish for them is that their gifts will become a part of the fabric of their lives, both personally and professionally.

We are busy with life (aren’t we all)! But that brief moment of witnessing Georgie doing what she was born to do reminded me again that no matter what the distractions, or commitments, or schedule, we are all drawn back to filling our cup with the very gifts we were given.

The Gift of Hospitality

I’m moving through 2023 with intentionality towards the very things that spurred me to create Logan Aal Real Estate | Design. It is the farm. It is our children. It is our friends and family that fuel my desire to search for, and share, bespoke touches of hospitality, of comfort, of small surprises and moments of respite—bringing smiles to the faces of those I love. It’s what I’m repeatedly called to do, and I wish the same for you!

Here are some of my favorite hospitality ‘moments’ I found this last year. I hope you enjoy them! May 2023 bring you back—or maybe forward—to the things you were born to do!

Iris Painter's Palette by Peg and Awl Built

Nordic Winter Cookbook at Finnish Design Shop

Coffee Bombs at LadyBird Provisions

Black and White Marble Board at Burke Decor

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