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Reviving Our Spaces

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A space for everyone.

I think we can all agree on one thing as we usher in 2021—a resounding relief that 2020 is behind us, and hope that the new year brings brighter times. Yet, looking back on years past provides insight too, doesn’t it? The Covid pandemic wreaked havok on our home life with balancing work and school, but it also provided the opportunity to intentionally gather with our family and closest friends in a deeper way than ever before. It shifted our norms in huge ways; largely how we live in our homes with our people.

No longer do I hear the constant request for living in wide open spaces; but rather, I’m finding my clients yearning for areas that have a bit of privacy for remote working and studying, or game playing, and quiet moments for reading. If we admit it, the slower pattern of life has proved cathartic, and we have found ourselves investing in our spaces to meet the challenges, and blessings, of a new normal.

It’s my job, and my passion, to see how the past is shaping things to come for real estate and design, and how hospitality connects the two.


The Modern Parlor

A past concept that is re-emerging, albeit in many forms, is where I’m hanging my hat for 2021—the Victorian parlor room. This formal living space wasn’t just a stuffy place to drink tea. Rather, it was a multi-purpose room for hosting guests, reading books or playing music. There were eclectic and defined areas with tables for socializing and playing games.

While the Victorian homeowners’ lives looked different than ours (instead of tight corsets we don yoga pants thank goodness), maybe they were onto something? After dinner they retired to these rooms, just like we have done during the pandemic—-to watch a show, to work a puzzle, or to enjoy a (stiff) drink.

As the daze of Covid lifts with the hope of a vaccine, the rise of the Victorian parlor room concept may just be here to stay, and along with it, thoughtfully designed spaces in which to live and gather intentionally.

Hospitality Always

Even if larger gatherings are months away (hopefully not years), creating a multipurpose space for your family members isn't complete until the details come together. The coziest throws and the perfect candles are no longer optional. Friday night game nights are more fun with the perfect popcorn bowls; and now could be just the right time to splurge on monogrammed crystal highballs.

Want more ideas on how to create a modern parlor that works for everyone? Or how to pull together the perfect accessories for an intimate game night for adults and kids alike? Consider a Logan Aal Hospitality Mood Board.

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