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It has always been my belief that a real estate investment is not alone a transaction, but a sacred space of personal style, a gallery of gatherings, a place where moments become memories.


At Logan Aal Real Estate | Design, we offer a comprehensive real estate experience with expert guidance on buying, selling and investing, along with inspired interior design and bespoke hospitality details that bring your real estate dreams to life. 




The decision to invest in real estate is almost always inspired by a desired lifestyle. Whether it is a first home, a dream home, or investment properties, I specialize in connecting with each client on that journey, creatively navigating the details to ensure your real estate vision becomes a reality.


The end of a real estate transaction can feel so abrupt. My desire to serve each client extends far beyond the close. I listen intently to get to the heart of your preferences, and create excellent living spaces that not only bring your personal style to life, but build equity in your investment.


Simple acts of hospitality are the complements that weave real estate and design together, and often are the most missed—the perfect florals for a dinner party, a signature home scent, or a statement piece that speaks to your family and guests. Inspired by my own passions at our home and farm, I customize bespoke details for every space and occasion.

"There are not enough superlatives to cover the creative and talented design skills of Logan Aal. I never knew I had a style. But when a hard time in life hit, leaving my home with many holes (figuratively and literally), I knew it was time to explore what it might be like to live in a home that defined me, and provided space for my children and I to snuggle with colors and textures in an environment that felt like ours.


Logan helped me identify my style, and co-created with me an amazingly fun, affordable, and cozy space for the kids and me. This was a project that was about way more than filling space with furniture and colorit was a release to freedom and creativity. I'm forever grateful."
Anna Surratt, Client

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